Uzunefe Architecture aims to produce spatial solutions that can meet the needs of modern life in the rapidly changing scene of the world. We evaluate each project in an appropriate way, with its own standards with the idea that analytical and multi-dimensional perception makes its implementation possible.

Based on a functional and rational approach, it ensures that the whole parts of the building are combined in a unique design language. Depending on the materials and technology we aim to overcome the existing problems with convenient solutions. In this process, we respond to complex programs with professional collaborations.

We believe that a qualified production is possible through an effective dialogue with the employer as well as the continuity of the process. It adopts this approach as the most important means of providing a quality space experience to the users.

Uzunefe Architecture aims to bring anew breath to the architectural environment with its energy, by making many layers of the design process from concept design to project management.

Ali Uzunefe


Uzunefe graduated from Sami Yangın Anatolian High School in 2008 and completed his undergraduate

education at Çukurova University, Faculty of Architecture. Since his undergraduate study and after graduation, Uzunefe found himself among

the leading institutions of the local and global architecture world. He established Uzunefe Architecture firm and believes that he should take responsibility to give the best service to the society and the profession. He is a member of Chamber of Architects. He speaks english fluently and has various degrees in chess.

Emre Yasin Dündar


In 2007, He graduated from Selçuklu Anatolian High School and completed his undergraduate and graduate education at Selçuk University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering. Dündar has been working in leading companies in the construction

field since his graduation and has been working on lifelong learning and continues to work in this context. He is a member of İstanbul Association of Civil Engineers and Mimar Sinan Engineers Union Master Engineers. He speaks English fluently.